YNPNmaine’s Thoughts: Giving

How do you choose which organizations to give to? Why do you give at all? Check out how our Board of Directors answered these questions.

We here at YNPNmaine know that as nonprofit professionals you are constantly thinking about fundraising. Whether it be ramping up for this year’s annual appeal, setting goals for your next auction, or developing strong narratives to convince the public that your organization is worthy of a big ‘ole gift come #givingtuesday, you all feel the pressure to make sure people are giving to the nonprofit that employs you. But, what about the organizations you love and give to? This month YNPNmaine thought it’d be nice to ask our Board of Directors to tell us why they give...


“I choose which organizations to give to based on a few factors. I typically ask myself:

  • Does their mission support my values?

  • What kind of an impact does or can this organization make?

  • Do I feel like this organization and I could be friends (were there to be one person completely embodying this organization)?

Beyond answering those questions I also want to make sure that I give to organizations that I interact with regularly in my day to day life. In the end, no matter how I choose to give it always feels good to give. I’ve never thought back on a gift I made and said “crap, I should’ve given them less money”. In fact, the exact opposite of that is always true - I look forward to being able to increase my gifts as time goes on.”

-Alexandra Bishop, YNPNmaine Board of Directors Secretary


“I give because of the impact even a small donation can make, as well as the future possibilities it brings. To support an organization is to invest in the people around you. Even better, I find that once I begin to give financially, it comes naturally that I also begin to give my time via volunteerism. Ultimately, donating to an organization allows me to make a difference, connect with others who share the same passion, and become a stronger member of the community.”

-Tim von Stetton, YNPNmaine Board of Directors


“Why do I give? I give to organizations that have benefited me in one way or another. Organizations that I have volunteered with or have supported me in the past. For example, there is a local Educational Fund that supports graduates from my small town. They help support me financially as I attended college and continue to support students from my small town as they continue along in their education. Other organizations that I give to - my time and my money - have benefited me in one way or another. I participated in their yearly seminar, I was able to be and do more because I had participated in this program. They gave to me, so I give back.”

-Esther Pew, YNPNmaine Board of Directors Co-Chair

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