United I Choose to Stand

We never know for sure why things happen the way they do. Good things happen to good people and bad things happen to good people. I make a choice to believe there are very few objectively bad people in this world – at least not in the black and white view of the word bad. Instead I believe there are people trying their best from whatever lens they are born into and grow (or not) into. For a moment let’s try to remember that instead of armoring our hearts, we can learn to breathe more deeply into the spaces of ourselves that need more trust and more opening. Only from working on ourselves first can we begin to heal the world, which is full of so much beauty and so much pain; the juxtaposition has vexed humanity through the ages, but it doesn't make the truth of this moment in time any less difficult to stomach.

Now is the time to be still for a moment, to grieve when we need to, and then when the time is right, to take action. I choose to move towards more presence and deeper connections – even with those I disagree with. My actions will also involve speaking my truth, loudly and with clarity – I want to renounce greed, delusion, and separateness. And I will continue (moment by moment) to remind myself that every ending leads to another beginning, and every beginning inevitably to another ending. Through the process of change we can grow and we can start to wake up - more united and together than ever before.

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