Spring Cleaning Your Professional Life

With the snow melting and the sun starting to shine it can be hard to stay focused at work. Now is the perfect time to do some professional spring-cleaning to stay motivated! YNPNmaine members share their tips to give you a professional boost during the spring:


“Update your LinkedIn. It’s easy to forget about, and I know I don’t use it as often as I could, but it’s often the first place recruiters start to get a sense of if you’re a good fit for jobs. Having an updated picture, summary, and description of your work experience is always useful.”

-Jean Jackson, Outreach Coordinator at Camp Susan Curtis


“Have a long list with all your past jobs, volunteering gigs, and education. However, keep your resume short and sweet when you apply for jobs. A resume should be one page, no longer. Each job application should receive a resume that is unique to that job and only has activities that are relevant to what you are applying to.”

-Esther Pew, YNPNmaine Board of Directors Co-Chair


“Sign up for a networking event or conference in your field. There are so many different events in the Portland or Boston areas. You’re sure to find something valuable and you could meet someone who is pivotal to your career.”

-Tim Von Stetten, Reunion Gift Officer at University of new England


“Use the season change as a time to check in with an important contact you haven’t spoken to in the last year. I’ve been thinking about how I need to do that lately. It’s important to nurture your connections.”

-Christophe Beaumier, Development Assistant at Preble Street


“Develop a system for tracking your successes. I keep an email thread with myself that I respond to every week with a summary of what I’ve accomplished and note any outstanding questions I have. It helps me stay focused when all I want is to be outside.”

-Ethan Palm, Marketing and Program Development at One Tree Center


“Know your voice. A cover letter that not only states the facts, but is also unique and true to your personality can help you stand out when employers are shuffling through hundreds of applications. “

-Alexandra Bishop, YNPNmaine Board of Directors

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