The Switch


By Leila Hunter and Alexandra Bishop, YNPNmaine Board Members

What do you think it’d be like to switch from the for profit to the nonprofit sector? Read on to hear about one of our member’s experiences!

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Happiness is Now

Let’s face it: happiness is elusive. Yet the more it escapes us the more lured we are by the seduction. As society moves towards an awakening of consciousness, the standards we holdourselves to become even more critical. Whenever we interact, professionally or personally, our attitude matters.  Even on a small scale, the ripple effect of kindness and generosity has the power to change our world. Are there measured steps to increase happiness so our experiences become more joyful? Only when we explore our own individual happiness can we begin to create authentic and healing relationships to the communities around us

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Self Care Struggles and the Path to Enlightenment


A couple months ago, I stopped into Coffee by Design to get ready for the drive up to University of Maine Orono for a swim meet. In addition to working full-time, for a few months this pastwinter, I was also coaching high school swimming, and we had our final championship meet in Orono. I hadn’t been on top of my podcast game so I queued up one of my favorites for the drive, and it turned out to be an episode about self care.

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The YMCA of Southern Maine

About The Org
The YMCA of Southern Maine is an Association of four YMCAs, with branches located in Biddeford, Portland, Freeport, and New Gloucester. While the Association is part of a larger, more intricate national federation of YMCAs operating under the supervision of Y USA, and often interacts with the international YMCAs located across the globe in 119 countries, the YMCA of Southern Maine carefully considers the needs of the Southern Maine community in the development of their services and programs. The YMCA of Southern Maine strives to meet every community member’s needs, look at health and well­-being as a multifaceted part of life, and incorporate all dimensions of diversity in the organization’s services and programs. Most importantly, the YMCA of Southern Maine provides its services and programs to all members of our community, regardless of ability to pay.

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