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    YNPNmaine's Thoughts: Side Hustle

    It is no secret that millennials’ debt to income ratio is totally skewed. With college costs rising each year and pay rates staying the same, young adults often find themselves in a pinch. For those of us in the nonprofit sector, this sticky financial situation plaguing our generation often becomes even more intense due to exceptionally low-pay. No, we can’t “just get a better paying job”. It is not obscene for young nonprofit professionals to want to feel passionate about our careers and demand to be paid enough to live. Yet, millennials often find it difficult, if not impossible, to find work that pays us enough to afford rising rents and eat healthy food (we don’t mean avocado toast), let alone be social and build savings. It seems everyone is talking about our side hustle. Even Forbes has taken time to offer us ideas on how to earn cash on the side. So, we at YNPNmaine thought we’d ask you: Why do you side hustle? Do you like it? Do you hate it? When do you think this necessity will no longer be needed?
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    On Mentoring

    Have you considered mentoring, but are unsure what to expect? Maybe you've been a mentor before and wonder how your experience stacks up to your peers'? In this blog post, a YNPNmaine member summarizes her time as a mentor and reflects on the bright spots and tough times she experienced. *TW/CW: Abuse, self harm, and misunderstandings regarding the Trans community
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